Public and Private Form With Different Content

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Public and Private Form With Different Content

Hi Community,

I'm developing a standard landing page that uses a simple form. Anyone who has this page's url can access this landing page (because it's a public page), fill the form and submit the information to Marketo.

However, when this page is accessed by one of our company's Marketo user (user, not one of our contact) to fill in the data, the form needs to have one extra field to write some notes.

To reach this, is it possible to create a form that has two versions, one public and one private, for the same url (which means the same landing page)?

The public one would be accessible to anyone and the private one would only be accessible to ours Marketo's users, using something like a dynamic field, that is presented in case that the page is accessed via Marketo, guaranteeing that the person that is opening that page is a Marketo user and so the field should be presented.

The only solution that I found is to create a new landing page, with a new form with that field for the notes, which is not perfect because the page will also be exposed to anyone.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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Re: Public and Private Form With Different Content

The most straightforward way is to simply segment the page (make the form Dynamic Content).  You should always have a segmentation based on User/Customer if you're going to expose Mkto resources to users-as-end-users.

The other method would be to use Visibility Rules to show/hide the extra field based on Pre-Filled content. In this particular case, because of the possible sensitivity of the extra field, I would incline toward the segmentation.

In either case, you need to make sure the form, if it's being submitted on behalf of a lead (you didn't make this clear), does not include the Munchkin tracking cookie, or none of this will work.


Re: Public and Private Form With Different Content

Here's a pretty janky solution:

  • Use dynamic content to display a button/link for the "employee" segment (where all others/default have this hidden)
  • Button works something like this​ to show/hide the final field element (requires basic javascript)
  • Field is in the form but hidden by default (in the CSS) and not required
  • When an employee visits the page they click the button to fill out additional information
  • If you have lazy employees, you can always create a smart campaign to send them an alert if they're employees and did not fill out the non-required field when they submitted the form
    • In fact this line might be your (temporary) solution, just send them an email to fill out the form with additional info

I bet you $5 Sanford can do this much better though! I don't know enough Javascript + Marketo to do cool things with it.

Edit: See I TOLD you he would have a better solution