Planning a project - would like advise

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Planning a project - would like advise

Just got hit with an elevator pitch for a project that I need to prepare for.

Here's what I know: We want an LP and a form. You fill out the form you get an email inviting you to visit a demo page. The link is only active for 48 hours.

This is all I've been told. There's another team apparently working on this but I'm not involved with them yet.  So, thoughts on this:

  1. The solution being presented (of course, ahead of the conversation) is to generate a temp pass code allowing access to the page. That code is being built and managed outside of Marketo. Somehow I'll magically get that code and email it to the recipient.
    1. No, they don't think an API pass through of the lead from Marketo to their system back to Marketo with the code is a good idea. Because solution before project.
  2. My thoughts:
    1. WTF are we only giving someone 48 hours?
    2. OK, so if we do this - I generate a code and pass the lead info and the code to their system via API.
      1. They don't really care to know who is viewing the page, apparently.
    3. I write a 48 hour cookie, then email a link to a page. If they have the cookie, I pass them through to the next page. If not, I redirect them to the form so we can make their life even more difficult if they want to buy things from us.

Obviously I'm opinionated on this program. What are your thoughts for the best way to do this?

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Re: Planning a project - would like advise

Hi Robb,

I think  you can make those ideas (a 48 hours code created in another system) or 48 hour cookie etc to work.

There might be another solution. I did something like this a while back.

You can use,

1> Save their 'timestamp' when they fill the first form in a Marketo field. On the Demo form, (assuming it is Marketo, but should work even if it is not), Prefill this form with user's data from Marketo including the timestamp in a hidden field. You will be able to write a javascript which compares the 'timestamp' and 'time now' and disable the form or redirect to another web page if it is 48+ hours.

2> You can also do this in a web hook and have the web hook call appropriate javascript function on your page if it is more than 48 hours.

Something along the lines of

Automatically Cap Registrations For Any Marketo Form.


Hope this helps

Rajesh Talele