Phone Number Truncated in DB?

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Phone Number Truncated in DB?

Hello. We have an issue where a particular form truncates non-US numbers when they are added to Marketo. I have tested the following:

1. Installed jQuery formatting - no effect
2. Changed field type in form to text from telephone - no effect

The field is set as a telephone field type; however I can manually add the number to the lead record with no issue. It appears that the data is being truncated when being passed from the form to Marketo.

Could the issue here be that the initial field type was set as telephone, when it perhaps should have been text?

Ben Brooks
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Re: Phone Number Truncated in DB?

Is this your own form or a Marketo form? If it's a Marketo form, is it Form 1.0 or Form 2.0? Is there any custom JavaScript on the form for validation or other data manipulation? If you create a vanilla Form 2.0 with the same field (on a Marketo landing page), do you see the same truncating issue?