PPC Returns - Anyone able to show that it is worth it

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PPC Returns - Anyone able to show that it is worth it

I have run a couple of PPC campaigns (Google and Adroll).  Specifically, they have both driven people to a live webcast we are hosting.    The ads are really clear........."click here to register for a webcast about......".
I have created a custom URL with the URL builder using a hidden field in the form.  It all tests out OK.
But then I run the campaigns and get click to conversion (i.e. register for the webcast) of .4%.   My conversions (land on the page to register) off the mails I send to our database is around 20%.

Am I missing something?   Do some people see that people click on the google ad, then cruise around your website and stumble back on the original CTA?  That would lose the tracking.   Or are google and adroll just raking in the cash with no real returns for the people paying for it.

Thanks for the help.

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Re: PPC Returns - Anyone able to show that it is worth it

Different channels provide different results--for PPC, a 0.4% CTR is not bad. It's all about getting your offerings out to as many people as possible, and maximizing the channels that work for you and optimizing things you can control.

You're probably going to have better results when emailing your own database and people visiting your website, because they already know who you are (or have sought you out). PPC is a way of getting in front of the people who don't know who you are.

The biggest metrics to look at are less about the CTR and more about the total leads, how many of those meet your qualifications and how many opportunities you get out of them. Work those numbers to get a total cost of leads from PPC and if it doesn't make sense to keep doing it, then reinvest that money in a different channel.
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Re: PPC Returns - Anyone able to show that it is worth it

You can also test your PPC offer to get closer to 1% conversion at the form. What Matt said is good advice.

You might find your time is better used doing guest posts or other outreach that's where your targets are hanging out.