Opportunity Influence Analyzer doesn't mark program success

Opportunity Influence Analyzer doesn't mark program success

Hi there!

The Docs say that the Opportunity Influence Analyzer marks program successes with green checks on the graph. Understanding the Opportunity Influence Analyzer - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation

But mine doesn't seem to include those checks. I tested it multiple times. Does anyone has an idea why it could happen? 

I just want it to have MQL status achievement marked a green check for each lead. For this, I've created a program with a single smart campaign that changes the program status to success upon the MQL status achievement. The status is changed, but the green check doesn't appear. That's the question.

P.S. Overall, the OIA doesn't look as a very useful tool.

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Re: Opportunity Influence Analyzer doesn't mark program success

Hi Stepan Egorov​, can you share an example of one of your OIA reports where this isn't displaying properly?

I went through one of mine to see if I could recreate missing the green checkmark, but it does display when someone reaches success in one of my programs.


I'm wondering what your set up is - is it possible you are not displaying the Interesting Moment "Type" for that MQL program and so it isn't showing up? Especially if you created a custom Interesting Moment type, this could be what's causing that check mark to fail to display.


Re: Opportunity Influence Analyzer doesn't mark program success

Hi Christina,

Thanks for your reply. In fact, the check don't show up even if I turn on ALL interesting moments.

Here's a milestone I have: http://prntscr.com/jsgaej This one (a test lead) reflects how MQL is achieved. In the smart campaign, the MQL status switches the status to Program Success. But this can't be seen in OIA.

Maybe the problem is that I don't have Opportunities synced with Salesforce? In fact, I just need to track how the leads become MQLs, without caring for optys. But I think it must not affect it: the interesting moments now can be seen in in the OIA, so I think the successes should also be seen.