Name/Email Data Management

Name/Email Data Management

Hey all!

I've got a bit of a data issue going on with some names in my database. If you see in the screenshot, this lead has garbage data. Our check before leads get sent to SFDC only makes sure those fields aren't empty (which doesn't help in this case).

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 9.48.44 AM.png

What data management rules do you clean data such as this? I'd love to hear your procedures!


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Re: Name/Email Data Management

Hi Brett Carpenter

Highly recommend taking a look at Inga Romanoff and Elliott Lowe Data Quality Bootcamp session:

- Marketo Summit 2015 - Data Quality Bootcamp

- has some great resources and downloads as well.

Re: Name/Email Data Management

Thanks Valerie!

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Re: Name/Email Data Management

Hi Brett,

For fields such as Job Title, an easy solution and best practice is to make of this field a Picklist. This way you will restrict the options the user can select and massively improve your data quality and ability to segment your database.

For fields such as Phone, just use the right field type. In this case, select 'Number' as a field type and Marketo will automatically give you an error message if the user fills this field out with other type of data:

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 15.17.49.png

For the rest of the fields, probably add a message explaining the importance of getting real data.

Hope this helps you!

Re: Name/Email Data Management

Thanks Macarena Mazzeo In this case, the phone number field came through our resources hub. I'll ask them if that's a field we can change to at least be number-only.