Monthly reporting ideas and suggestions

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Monthly reporting ideas and suggestions

Hi all, 


We onboarded Marketo mid last year and have recently launched lead scoring and lead lifecycle programs. Our marketing campaign schedule has begun to ramp up, and I want to get more advanced with my reporting beyond what can just be pulled from program reports. 


This is my first time in a Marketing Ops role, and I will be the go-to person on reporting every month. I have already been reporting on MQL, new names, traffic to landing pages, deliverability, database size, and health, but I am looking to start building out more structured reporting that will provide tangible insights for my manager and the executive team. 


Would any of you be willing to share some of the things you report on each month or quarter to your exec team? What has been valuable? Also, if you could provide insights on how to pull such reports, that would be enormously appreciated. OR - if you have templates for your monthly reports that I could pull from, that would be even more awesome! 


Again, my main goals are to standardize my monthly reporting process to eliminate custom report building and also have reports that will provide meaningful insights to my manager and exec team.


I am just looking for a place to start as right now, I do not have much, and what I am doing is very custom, and I don't think it provides much value. 


Thanks all - I hope you're staying healthy out there. 

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Re: Monthly reporting ideas and suggestions

I would recommend taking your reporting to the next level by starting to tie into anticipated and actual revenue influenced by your lead scoring and campaigns. I'm not sure which CRM you're using, but we tie each Marketo Program to a corresponding Salesforce campaign so we can use the Campaign Influenced Report. This helps show your leadership the actual dollar value of your campaigns and where you may be influencing revenue. You could also show the revenue numbers by where people are at in your lead life cycle.