Missing data from Marketo activities

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Missing data from Marketo activities

We want to pull all Marketo activities but I don't why we just get partial data.

I will write my scenario.

I want to extract all the email delivered activity meaning activity Type Id=7 for example since 09-25-17 so first I sent the following call to get the next_page_token


After I have the next_page_token I am calling to the specific activity Type Id with the next_page_token I got.


and each time I  continue to call the next page if the 'moreResults' = true, I stopped when 'moreResults' = false.





Do I do it right? Why do we get just 90,000 rows when we have 200,000 in the UI??

Thanks a lot!



Re: Missing data from Marketo activities

What is your reference report "in the UI"?

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Re: Missing data from Marketo activities

Marketo has a 500mb/day extraction if this is via API. You need to increase it with your AM.

Re: Missing data from Marketo activities

That wouldn't apply to these activities.json calls.