Microsoft Dynamics & Sales Insights

Microsoft Dynamics & Sales Insights

Hi Marketo community,

I'm on the verge of installing MSI on our Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We did sync the database months ago, but nothing much after that.

Without MSI, we managed leads between marketing and sales through marketing campaigns in Dynamics.

For instance: when the sales rep called a lead, they upated the lead record with the details of the "Phone call" (Dynamics item) and linked it to the marketing campaign.

My question: is it possible to get the "Phone call" info & description recorded on Marketo? By using Sales Insights or something else? Or is MSI limited to Marketo informations only?

Thank you.


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Re: Microsoft Dynamics & Sales Insights

Hi Thomas Morgadinho - MSI pushes events (Web Activity, Email, and Interesting Moments) from Marketo to MSI, to give sellers visibility into your lead and account engagements with assets monitored by Marketo. Today, there is no ability to use MSI to log call events into Marketo. 

Curious to learn more about your use case here. What are you looking to achieve by logging call data into Marketo?

There is another tool we offer Marketo Sales Connect, that allows sellers to make calls and the call activities get logged back into Marketo. This might be what you are looking for. 

Re: Microsoft Dynamics & Sales Insights

Hi Andy, first of all, thank you for the confirmation about MSI.

Today, qualified leads are given to sales reps, they call them, log a phone call on Dynamics & log a phone call description in Dynamics.

My issue with the current process: I have no idea if they did call the lead we shared with them, and if they did, I don't know the content of the phone call (=phone call description). The only solution I have today to make sure of that, is to log on Microsoft Dynamics. To sum it up: I have to follow the lead activity on two different tools.

I was looking for a solution to lift that issue, that's why I was wondering about the possibility of having Microsoft Dynamics events (marketing campaigns, phone calls, etc.) pushed to Marketo.

But maybe it's more a process issue we have and we have to train sales rep to push contact leads in a campaign that will change their status from To be qualified to Qualified/Opportunity/...