Marketo is lagging behind

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Can't agree more. I think Adobe needs to hire a new team of engineers to work on this project.

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Re: Marketo is lagging behind

Can't agree more. I think all comments speak for themselves. Time to wake up Marketo

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We are an agency, working with Marketo on behalf of our clients. We raised a support case for the Facebook Lead Ads integration being broken. After literally weeks of convincing Support that it wasn't a case of user error, they eventually admitted it was indeed a bug and escalated it to a L1 issue for their engineers to solve with Facebook. That was over a month ago. It's still broken and I know it's affecting multiple Marketo clients.

Having run software engineering and support teams myself, I do understand the challenges, but there is no excuse. This is an important feature that just outright does not work. The only conclusion I can draw is that engineering and support management isn't currently prioritising customer support.

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Re: Marketo is lagging behind

There's another bug? We had at least 3 of these with LI/FB late last year that were resolved as bugs. Yes, it took a long time to find the right engineer to fix.

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Hi Glen,

Over the last year Facebook has been going through many internal changes and policy shifts, as you may be aware from reading industry news. You're also probably aware that the primary area of concern has been how Facebook enables 3rd party data access (like the Marketo integration you're referencing). As a result of these developments, we've seen significant downstream impact to our integration points. There have been numerous API deprecations and changes (example:, permission changes, privacy reviews, contract/agreement changes, etc. implemented by Facebook with very little notice to partners. 

I think we do have a handle on this and the good news is that your Marketo functionality should not be impacted. The Lead Ads ingestion issue you mentioned should also be resolved (reach out to your support rep again if you have any issues). Just wanted to add some color as to why this has been a challenge.


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Thanks Justin,

I appreciate your response. And I can empathise with the challenges in keeping the integration running with Facebook. I disagree however that "Marketo functionality should not be impacted". I'd consider a failure to capture leads from Facebook a core functional failure and high priority issue for all B2C clients.

What I don't understand is how identifying and resolving this issue can take two months when we've been told the case was escalated to P1. I'd also stress my frustration with it taking so long for Marketo to acknowledge this as an issue when integration issues with Facebook is known to Marketo's leadership.

Happy to share the case number with you if you'd like to see the history. Its current status is with Marketo.


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We had the same issue with Facebook and LinkedIN Lead Ads and have had zero assistance with Marketo support.

In december, we had an issue where it was taking 6 hours to import 14 records.  consistently.  Support gave us runaround for months. We had countless "Customer Success" meetings regarding the issue.  

Any answers we did receive didn't even revolve around the timeframes we we having the issues. 


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Hi Justin Cooperman‌,

The truth is that it has been a long time Marketo has not released any of the top ranked ideas from this community, and we have been awaiting Sky and its promises for a very long time, especially with regards to the possibility Sky offers about fixing many of the small bugs that ruin our lives ( and are ow more that 3 months old). 

And the policy to make all significant upgrades chargeable is also very frustrating. E.g. MPI, while in the same time Marketo analytics and advanced reporting are so limited and old fashion.


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Greg, with all due respect, that's just not true.

The top ideas over the past few years (Local send times, capping event registrations, audit trail, subscribe to smart lists, flow step rules, scheduled trigger activation/deactivation) have been delivered--granted, you usually see maybe one to two of the big ones a year, but they do get shipped. 

Now, I'll argue those have all been feature ideas instead of bug/quality of use ideas, but you can't say the team isn't listening. I too would like to see a bug-focus release, but it's also hard to know without seeing the codebase how many of those are trivial fixes and how many actually require backend work (which as we all know with Marketo has been a slow but ongoing process--it's hard to rebuild an airplane mid-flight).

That said, I wouldn't necessarily be against Adobe doing some sort of bug bounty/hackathon day with its partners to help address some of this stuff where possible (wink wink, nudge nudge).

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Re: Marketo is lagging behind

Also, let's not forget about the massive infrastructure and processing speed improvements that happened over the last couple of years. Remember how that smart list that now takes 5 seconds to load used to take 10 minutes? It hasn't been visible, so I don't think it's received the credit it deserves, but it's been a HUGE improvement.