Marketo customers using Netsuite?

Marketo customers using Netsuite?

Hi fellow Marketers!

I'm looking into Netsuite CRM and move away from SFDC. I wanted to find out if any of you are using Netsuite and Marketo.

I can gather there is some challenges due to Marketo has no native integration yet but figured some of you smart marketers have found interesting work-arounds to sync between both platforms.

Interested in hearing your pain and challenges/feedback.



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Re: Marketo customers using Netsuite?

Hi Ed

Is there any progress in your integration of marketo with netsuite. I am in the same boat, please let me know if you got any idea in it.


Re: Marketo customers using Netsuite?

Hi Ed,

We're using NS and because there is no native integration we use The New Office as the middleware between the two systems. This has made life alot easier and I would recommend them.

Hope that helps.