Marketo Sever issues

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Marketo Sever issues


We have been using the Marketo Platform for the last couple of months and have multiple licences across our business. On my licenced use of Marketo, I have encountered systemic/chronic issues developing emails due to consistent server connection issues This has had two impacts:

1) Email development - Often when i make content changes to a module, and click on save the email will not autosave corrrectly requiring me to refresh the page and lose my amends.

2) Preview mode - This mode is unable to load the email and will bring up a 'email draft not found' message or an sever connection lost - as in the attached image.

What is the best solution to deal with this server issue?


Chris Hockaday Marketo issue 2.JPG

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Re: Marketo Sever issues

Welcome to Marketo!

No, really, welcome to day-to-day life in Marketo.

There isn't anything you can really do to stop these errors. The UI is not good at reconnecting in the background (without forcing a full page load). So whether the underlying network error is on your end or theirs (either one has the same result, and happens if just one HTTP request is lost) you'll occasionally need to refresh.

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Re: Marketo Sever issues

To help out with email edits, I'll slow down considerably and make sure that I actually can "see" an update live on the canvas before I go in to make another. On the best of days, Marketo can handle a few changes at once (i.e. changing two color variables before the screen reloads) but on most days it's just more consistent to make one change and then wait for the refresh. For landing pages, I'll wait to see the "saving..." message in the top right corner (for templates) to preview the page -- I've noticed that making a quick edit and hitting preview sometimes happens so fast that the edit doesn't get saved. In these cases, you'll notice that when you make changes in the LP template editor it'll stop saving all together and you've got to refresh the page to get things to stick (I'll usually copy all the code on the page, refresh and then paste in my new code and make sure it saves to get back on track).

Long story short, if you've got fingers of fury and work quickly, it's best to think of the editor experience as "taking a walk with grandma" - slow and steady wins the race

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Re: Marketo Sever issues

CTRL+Shift+R is your new best friend.