Marketo Segment integration

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Marketo Segment integration

Hi folks


I try to integrate Segment and Marketo as it would ease our life. Unfortunately, right now, it creates duplicates leads.

Indeed, Marketo is not able to merge the anonymous Lead with the new lead who submitted the form.

We've followed Segment's best practice.

But unfortunately, it does not work (we are going to try the last advice, pass email in the call, and track call). Indeed, even if the field AnonymousId is not empty, the lookup is done through userId, so it creates a new user.

Do you have any good advice to make this integration work?




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Re: Marketo Segment integration

yes, Segment should not be tied to Marketo directly. Please use middleware to manage the flow of data (Boomi, Talend, etc).

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Re: Marketo Segment integration

I'm not Segment expert, but we use it at my company and we are not getting duplicates. I am not aware of us using any middleware to funnel the data. However, I read in their documentation that you linked, that it's best to use Marketo V2 to avoid dupe issues. Are you on Marketo or Marketo V2?