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I can't?


the process we have is:

1) there is third party program where an event is created. in our case a meeting. usually it is defined like half year in advance and there are no leads. just a placeholder in a calendar to book a room.

2) there is a tool which can see there is a new meeting and create Marketo program using API.

3) when the scheduled date is approaching leads are added to the event in third party program and the tool add those leads to the Marketo program as well.

4) currently somebody has to log into Marketo and do the clicking for the program to appear in Salesforce.

the goal is to add an API call or two between steps 2) and 3) in order to eliminate step 4).

any ideas how can i do it?

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No it's not possible to build a solution that would eliminate Step 4 at this stage


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That's sad.

Thank you for your input!