Marketo Lead Changes

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Marketo Lead Changes

Hi Community,

I have a few question about Marketo SOAP getLeadChanges API. I have created simple integration where my Java code connects to getLeadChanges SOAP API and fetches changes for given parameters. I used to recieve some 182844 changes for given type and given dates. I am using same parameters now but my changes count has been reduced to 182835. This causes my automation to fail. I think if given same date range it should return me same number of records. 

My question is if Marketo delete change records if they get older? Also if we delete Marketo Leads does its records get removed from the change records? 

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Re: Marketo Lead Changes

Some activities are archived after 90 days.  I'd have to see a discrepancy report to know what kinds of activities are in your delta.