Marketo/GTW webhook issue


Marketo/GTW webhook issue

Hi! I'm hosting a simulated webinar on gotowebinar - so I use a webhook to register people from marketo and push them to go webinar.  Most of the my people are being registered but I have a bunch that are not.  When I look at the activity log no errors are showing.  Example of response:


{"id": "9c279979-a8a4-4b03-971e-84d989e24513", "request_id": "5e8e052c-4363-4b4e-aaaf-1a6095c0c820", "attempt": "5e8e052c-4363-4b4e-aaaf-1a6095c0c820", "status": "success"}


Any ideas why this is happening?

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Re: Marketo/GTW webhook issue

Hi Courtney


How do the failures compare to the ones that worked? Could you post an example of each?


It's likely this is an issue with GTW if the outgoing webhooks look the same.