Marketo Form Submission action page

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Marketo Form Submission action page

I have checked the form submission in marketo.

The form is submitted to "htttp://".  But it does not submit the form into marketo. It approves the form and post it into "".

Where the two pages are hosted?. if it is hosted in marketo? how marketo can host an page with my sub-domain address?

Thanks in Advance.

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Re: Marketo Form Submission action page


I am not sure what is the problem you are facing, but I will try to summarize how Marketo determines in which domain/subdomain it hosts an LP (the fact is that "physicaly", the LP itself in hosted on a Marketo server).

  • When setting up Marketo, you can define a subdomain of your domain in which the LPs will be made available. This is doen in the admin section -> landing pages. The complete doc is here Customize Your Landing Page URLs With a CNAME (Administration) - Marketo Docs - Product Docs  but just remember that this will require you to add a CNAME in your domain DNS.
  • You can also have the LP's be made available in other subdomains of domains you own. See the summary I wrote here a couple of weeks ago :