Marketo Email Templates Not Mobile

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Marketo Email Templates Not Mobile

Hello, I reached out to support cause I noticed one of the marketo email templates out of the box did not look good in yahoo on my android and they said: "our marketo templates are not intended to work in all email clients, they are simply a starting point for you". I was pretty let down with that response but what does everyone else use for email templates? And is this support guy correct in his response? I am referring to just the "Basic Template" in marketo.

And I just ran it through litmus testing and it looks all different color (attached) why is that?

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Re: Marketo Email Templates Not Mobile

I highly encourage you to work with an agency/designer to have some custom templates developed.  The starter emails that Marketo includes are not reliable enough across all platforms, browsers, clients.  Have a look here: any agencies creating email templates?