Marketo - Ecommerce (OCC) integration Issues

Marketo - Ecommerce (OCC) integration Issues

Our dev teams are trying to establish an integration between Marketo and our E-commerce platform (Oracle Cloud Commerce - OCC). They tried several ways and finally decided on setting up via Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC). 


The POC was built and we could see the events (page visits, clicks) tracked in Marketo for Known users. However, it is intermittent and sometimes is not tracking the same properly. The same user's activity is not showing up the next day in Marketo user Activity log when they performed the same set of page views and other navigation. 


We use GTM and the domains are properly registered there. OCC team confirmed that the munchkin configuration is done as required and OIC team has confirmed that the triggers and responses are being received as expected.


If anyone in the community having any kind of experience around this can help us understand what we are missing or how to troubleshoot this, please let me know and I can provide you more and in-detail description of the integration set up.

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Re: Marketo - Ecommerce (OCC) integration Issues

You need to explain exactly what API endpoints you're using and how the integration is intended to operate.


"The triggers and responses are being received as expected," for example, has no inherent meaning. What triggers? Responses from what service?


Was the integration designed by a person who was already familiar with the Marketo API?