Marketo-Dynamics sync setup


Marketo-Dynamics sync setup

Hello everyone,

We are having an issue with Marketo-Dynamics OOB integration setup. We simply cannot get it to work. We followed the instructions for integration on Marketo docs website (installing solution, setting up a user, etc...).

Error we are getting during validation is invalid username or password. Which makes little sense because when we use the same credentials to login directly to Dynamics everything is OK.

Only thing we are getting from Marketo support is to check the credentials, but the credentials are OK obviously. Setup is Dynamics v9 online and Marketo. The client has ADFS as authentication layer (integrated with Office 365/Azure). As mentioned, we installed Mkto solutions, gave user roles etc.

Also, we have set up the App registration on Azure AD. Interestingly when we use the ClientId in validation we get Invalid URL, without it we get invalid username or password. Not really sure what is the purpose of this registration, because we are not using SecretId anywhere. Did anyone have similar issues?

To make things worse, the initial sync is in progress and it is stuck.

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Re: Marketo-Dynamics sync setup

Are you using the Organization Service URL: (there's a screenshot in there).