Marketo Custom Object Relationship

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Marketo Custom Object Relationship

Hi there, 


I am looking for some help from the community in regards to Marketo Custom objects. 



Recently, we have moved our subscription renewal reminder emails from Zuora to Marketo and we are passing the renewal-related data from Zuora to Marketo custom object 'Renewal ReminderObject'. Then using velocity scripts we are translating the data from the renewal reminder object and reference them in the emails. 


Now I am trying to also include invoice details in the emails and in order to house the invoice data I have to create another Marketo custom object ' Renewal Invoice Object'. 

Thus, the goal is to pull in certain fields from the Renewal reminder Object and a few invoicing fields from the Renewal Invoice Object. 



One of the major issues with doing so is duplicate records. Our SFDC instance has a lot of duplicate personas of the same email addresses. Thus, how do I make sure when our data warehouse is pushing data to these custom objects, both are associated with the same person object? 


For eg. there are 2 person records with the same email address as below: 


A -

B -


How do I make sure that if the Datawarehouse is pushing data to the Renewal Reminder object for record A then DW also pushed the data for renewal invoice object for record A(not B)? 


I am very keen on your input and your help is deeply appreciated. 



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Re: Marketo Custom Object Relationship



If you're going to allow — or even encourage — having multiple Marketo people with the same Email Address, it's not feasible to link your COs via Email Address. You need to find a way to have the Lead ID be the link field.


This of course means your integration layer needs to have a column with the Lead ID — perhaps synced from Marketo to SFDC via a custom field. Bear in mind the Lead ID(s) that corresponds to an SFDC Contact isn't a single static value over time (think merges and conversions) but it is a relatively slowly changing value.