Marketing Analytics

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Marketing Analytics

How to get these reports on Marketo ?

  • Which Ad drove the click to the website?
  • Number of unique views of all landing pages
  • Number unique visitors of all landing pages
  • Number of unique form submissions
  • % and total number and cost of conversions generated (i.e. unique download clicks from resulting email)
  • % and total number and cost of MQLs generated
  • % and total number of SQLs generated
  • Total ARR revenue generated



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Re: Marketing Analytics

  • Ads - you need to set this up using utm parameters and collect these in your database. You can also setup Programs to help this. AdBridge may help too.
  • Unique views - use GA, but you can also use Landing Page Performance.
  • ditto
  • ditto
  • you need to setup more to collect this data properly.

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