Lead Tracking?

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Lead Tracking?

We are currently updating our website and have added a function where leads can choose a feature and their website experience is then tailored depending on the feature that has been chosen.

There are Marketo forms throughout the website that, when leads are ready, they can fill out so that we can collect their information. If this prospect that filled out the form returns to the website in the future, is it possible to access the lead data from the form so that they see the personalised content that they saw from the beginning? Whether using the API or munchkin codes or cookies?

Any help or comments would be much appreciated!

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Re: Lead Tracking?

Do you mean that if they fill out the form, you can display different content?

Sure! How do you want to do this?

  • Tokens can do this from Marketo landing pages.
  • Dynamic content can do this from Marketo LPs now that we have their data.
  • RTP can do this by displaying different containers based on their data. (extra cost).