Lead Source - Reporting in Marketo

Lead Source - Reporting in Marketo

Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to create a new report that reports on all new leads obtained per source (I've created a Smart List, so this part is done). However, I'm trying to have stacked columns per month, with all the different sources in the same report.

Let me explain. Here's what I have created thus far from Marketo:


Now, I'm trying to have a report such as something like this:


Is that something that can be done?


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Re: Lead Source - Reporting in Marketo

This is not possible in regular Analytics. You need to go to RCE or do this inside SFDC.

This details all you can do in Analytics:

How to Use Marketo Analytics

Re: Lead Source - Reporting in Marketo

Hi Josh!

Thanks! We're actually using Microsoft Dynamics as our CRM, so it's going to be a pain to do this through our CRM. I'll try to see how this can be implemented through the Revenue Cycle.

Thank you for sharing this link on how to use Marketo Analytics. Will definitely take a close look at it!