Lead Scoring Implementation Timelines

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Lead Scoring Implementation Timelines


I was wondering if someone could provide an estimate on the start-to-finish timeline to build out a comprehensive lead scoring program.  We have an active audience of about 350K-400K leads.  We also would like to build retroactive lead scoring, using data we've accumulated over the last 1-2 years we have had Marketo.

Any information and guidance would be appreciated.



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Re: Lead Scoring Implementation Timelines

Greg is on point when talking about retroactive lead scoring in this thread. Lead scoring amends

I guess the question would be, what is your starting point? Do you have any lead scoring setup currently? The act of building out a lead scoring model is not overly time intensive. You can probably build out a fairly decent model in 15-20 hours, the time consuming part is figuring out what your model needs to look like to be successful. I would generally say start with demographics and build out your customer profile. Next I would study what interactions closed won deals made and compare to closed lost (and other stages like never making it to an opp) to figure out what is a key piece of content, what did buyers do that non buyers didn't do to start adding scores that matched people along the success path.  Building the action based scoring is a long process of trial and error that requires constant tweaking, but with good data, it is certainly a lot easier to manage.

Last question, how do you define "active audience"?

Commercial Plug: If you would like more than just high level support, there are great Digital Services Partners that can help consult and assist you with building a Scoring Model that can get into the details with you including our team at Salytics.