Lead Lifecycle model split


Lead Lifecycle model split

Hey there,

We are in the process of designing a starting point lead lifecycle model to help us report on the sales funnel process. One complexity that we are facing is that we have a B2C, B2B elements of our business. Our sales team are only interested in us reporting on our B2B funnel while management are also keen to see a B2C funnel. I'm sure this isn't a new problem and I was wondering if anyone can give me any ideas on how you have handled the challenge? In our current design during the Known > Engaged transition we will listen for page activity to profile trade vs consumer and then enrolling in one of 2 nurture streams, for those who qualify for neither of these they will fall into a generic stream for further profiling.

Would you recommend we develop 2 completely different lifecycle models (which seems like a lot of extra work) or would we better off to add a gate as a side track to identify Consumer vs Trade in the same way we would identify Sales Generated vs Marketing Generated.

I'd be interested to hear how others have attacked this same challenge.

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Re: Lead Lifecycle model split

Hi Dave,

You seem to use a lot of internal jargon so it's a little hard to follow. A lot of the answer will depend on how the data is structured. Things to consider:

  • if all data is on same type of record, and your Agreed Lifecycle is the same, then you can certainly use one RCM and during reporting, split the reports by B2B vs. B2C.
  • If the data is split itself into diff record types, etc. You may want two RCMs that look at the two totally separate data sets.
  • if you have two separate lifecycle routes for B2C vs B2B (and you may), then use two RCMs.
  • recommend you build ONE first and work out the kinks.
  • in the long run, getting it right now will reduce overall problems.
  • I would avoid using Page Activity as a trigger.
  • Your Nurtures have very little to do with your choice of RCM/Lifecycle. Choose Lifecycle first, then build nurture to drive people forward.

Re: Lead Lifecycle model split

Hi Josh,

Apologies for the jargon, despite that you seem to have worked out what I was asking appreciate the great advice!

The B2C route pushes users towards an eCom platform while the B2B pushes to sales. Interesting advice re nurture tracks, in the absence of profiling how would you suggest we split our two trade (B2B) and consumer (B2C) channels - when a lead becomes known or even engaged we won't necessarily know that.