Issue on Tracking link on Web Page

Issue on Tracking link on Web Page

Hi all,

We have some issues with a landing page in which we want to track the click on some links.

We have tried to use different approaches like:



We have also deleted http string, but none of these actions worked.

At last we have tried to track different links in the same page, like, .pdf, and a registration page.

Notice that the web page is built in .jsp and to put it into marketo we have changed it in .html

Do you think that this can cause tracking issues?

Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks a lot!



Re: Issue on Tracking link on Web Page

You need to provide a link to your page.

Its origin as a JSP page has no bearing on tracking.

Re: Issue on Tracking link on Web Page

If you have tested that page with a lead that is yourself, you can look at the activity log of that lead and check that 1/ the clicks are detected and 2/ in the click activity details, see what are the parameters that you could reuse as constraints in the trigger.


Re: Issue on Tracking link on Web Page

Hi Greg,

Thanks for your feedback!

Unfortunately we are not able to see activities related to our issue (i.e. LP asset downloaded/click link on LP).

In fact, in the activity log we can only see other actions (like web page visited or form filled out), but for what concern all the links specified in the page, all the tracking that we use are not visible by Marketo (in the results tab of trigger).

We do not understand why this occurs, and for this reason we had thought that the issue could be releated to the transaltion from .jsp to .html.

If you have other suggestions let us know!

However, thanks a lot for your feedback. We keep it in mind for next time!



Re: Issue on Tracking link on Web Page

Hi Margherita,

Pls send the URL of your LP.