Issue With "Clicks Link in Email"

Issue With "Clicks Link in Email"

I have added a button with a link ( ) in an email to be sent to leads/people. The link points to a Marketo Landing page.

I have set up a campaign with "Clicks Link in Email" through which the mail is sent to the lead.

However, when this email is delivered to a lead/person and when he/she clicks the button in the sent email, the Landing Page doesn't open/load.

If I simply paste that Landing Page link in a web browser, it opens without any problem.

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Re: Issue With "Clicks Link in Email"

Do you get an error message when clicking through?

And then also just to clarify what the process is:

Email 1 is sent

People who click a link Email 1 get triggered to receive Email 2 which is pointed at the Marketo Completion Tracker LP

When they click the link in Email 2, the LP does not load


Re: Issue With "Clicks Link in Email"

Please show the rewritten URL (rewritten to bounce off the click tracking server) for a lead. Make sure it’s from a real email, not a sample.