Integration of Marketo and Consent Management System


Integration of Marketo and Consent Management System

We have onetrust as centralized consent management. Is it possible to call the webservice for every contact/lead/record when a campaign is launched

Can the marketo check the eligibility of the cutsomer before a campaign is sent for a given customer

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Re: Integration of Marketo and Consent Management System

It is possible to call the remote webservice using a webhook, yes. But if you're running more than, say, 50,000 leads through it per day, you need to take certain limits into account:

  • the baseline HTTP request performance of the fastest useful webhook (~75ms) doesn't encourage truly massive daily use
  • the performance of this particular webhook is likely much slower than the baseline
  • the remote service may limit the number of calls per day

If I were rolling this out, I would be sure to use a caching layer so that repeated calls for the same address during a 24-hour (or 72-hour) period do not have to hit the remote database.  An even better/additional way to cache is to have a separate Datetime field like lastConsentInquiryDateTime that stores the timestamp of the last response. Then constrain your calls so someone who's been looked up in the last N days doesn't call the 'hook again and again.