Integration of Adobe Target with Marketo

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Integration of Adobe Target with Marketo

Hi Everyone, 

Is there any way to integrate Adobe Target to Marketo?

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Re: Integration of Adobe Target with Marketo

Integrating a marketing automation platform focused on lead gen and nurtures with the adobe target focused on testing, measuring the success of contents makes alot of sense. Although marketo has in-built testing capabilities like A/B testing for assets like emails and LP. It would make much more sense if we would be able to automate the testing of programs and campaigns and instead of generating the reports making insights. In these points target can certainly help. Please find below guide which will hep you integrate target in to marketo and marketo in to target as suited by your org needs! 🙂

Target into Marketo

Envision a scenario where you bring testing to unknowns and use the benefits of testing to find ideal experiences that lead to more forms completions.  This is a no-brainer for Marketo customers and works quite well.  At this point, when tests are doing their thing, it is crucial to communicate or share this test data to Marketo when end users make the transition from Unknowns to Knowns.  This data will help with the management of leads because we will know what test and test experience influenced their transition to becoming a Known.

Just like Target, Marketo loves data and this code below is what Target would deliver with tests targeted to Unknowns.  This code delivers to Marketo the test name but also the Adobe Target ID in the event users of Marketo wanted to retargeted certain Adobe Target visitors.

var customData = {value: ‘${}:${}’};
rtp(‘send’, ‘AdobeTarget’, customData);
var customData = {value: ‘${profile.mboxPCId}’};
rtp(‘send’, ‘AdobeTarget_ID’, customData);

Marketo into Target

Adobe Target manages a rich profile that can be made up of online behaviors, 3rd Party Data, and offline data.  Many Target customers use this profile for strategic initiatives that change and quantify consumer experiences based off of the values of the profile attributes associated with this profile or Adobe Target ID.

In the Marketo world, there are many actions or events that take place as the leads are nurtured and the customers are marketed to.  Organizations differ on how the specific actions or stages of lead or customer management/marketing are defined but no matter what definition, those stages/actions/events can be mirrored or shared with Adobe Target.  This effort allows Marketo users to run tests online that are coordinated with their efforts managed offline – hence making those offline efforts more successful.

Push Adobe Target ID into Marketo

Marketo can get this data into Target in one of two ways.  The first method uses the code that I shared above where the Adobe Target ID is shared with Marketo.  Marketo can then generate a report or gather all Adobe Target IDs at a specific stage/event/action and then set up a test targeted to them.  It is literally that easy.

Push Marketo ID into Adobe Target

The second method is a more programmatic approach.  We have the Marketo visitor ID passed to Adobe Target as a special mbox parameter called mbox3rdPartyId.  When Adobe Target sees this value it immediately marries its ID to that ID so that any data shared to Adobe with that ID will be available for any testing efforts.  This process is one that many organizations use with their own internal ID.  At this point, any and all (non-PII) data can be sent to Adobe Target by way of APIs using nothing more than the Marketo ID – all possible because it passed the ID to Adobe Target when the consumer was on the website.

And then the cycle repeats itself with Adobe Target communicating test and experience names again to Marketo but this time for the Knowns – thus making that continued management more effective.