Instant Feedback Polls/Quizzes

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Instant Feedback Polls/Quizzes

Hi all -

I will be releasing a trend report in the fall, and as part of the campaign, I look to field a short 5 question survey or poll that asks the participant to react to the trend. The workflow would look something like this:

  1. Email to the participant - Please participate in the industry survey and find out how your peers also rate
  2. <<Contact clicks thru>>
  3. Survey tool opens - contact fills out short questionnaire inclusive of a demographic sub-segment attribute
  4. Upon submission, either another page comes up (or an email back to contact) instantly fires with the results of the contact's submission, their peer sub-segment results, and the overall results.

I know that I can accomplish steps 1-4 on a tool like Key survey or Survey Monkey. I also know that we can build the associated 'instant reports on that platform.' What I don't know is how to do is automatically call back to the survey platform to get the user-specific report in step 4.

Seeking any best practice/platforms/approaches - thanks in advance!

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Re: Instant Feedback Polls/Quizzes

Wouldn't #4 be reliant on Surveymonkey?

I suppose you could use SM to send data back to their lead record, then use it to display on a Marketo Page. Seems a bit more work though.