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I have several engagement programs set up in Marketo and I am interested in figuring out how I can navigate names who have organically made their way into the Marketo database via our website in to specific engagement programs. 

We have a email sign-up box on all of the many layers of our website, spanning across many different segments.  I would like to figure out how, if someone provides their email address on Segment Page 1 to route them to Engagement Program 1 and if someone provides their email address on Segment Page 2 I can route those names to Engagement Program 2, and so on.

What inbound detail do I need to be basing this on?  Lead source?  Lead source detail?  Something else?  And how do I go about setting these rules up? 


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It kind of depends on how you're embedding your signup forms... if you're iFraming a Marketo landing page on each page of your site, and you're using unique landing pages for each page, or if you're just dropping the embed code directly onto the page, or if you're using different forms for different pages, etc.

Without knowing that, it's hard to give you the best direction, but if I go off the assumption you're using one form and embedding it directly onto each page, you could set up a trigger campaign for when that form is completed on specific pages (using the Web Page constraint) and then in the flow steps, place them in the appropriate engagement program.

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Re: Implied content preference

I agree with Matt, we need more detail on how you are setup now. You could use several options:

  • Hidden field for each Form like Lead Source=X but this needs multiple forms
  • Hidden field on the Form that pulls in a URL param or other code based on the page they are on.
  • Use Fills Out Form on Page Y and Referrer CONTAINS X to ensure correct page (may not really need referrer)
  • if these pages are within another Program, like a whitepaper, you could easily use Program Status Changes to capture the leads
  • Do you have any unique Product or Solution questions on the Form? That would be the easiest - if Fills OUt Form on Pages XYZ and Solution =X, then Send to Engagement X