If you are in Southern California - join us on Oct. 11

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If you are in Southern California - join us on Oct. 11

Hey guys,

Not everyone in Socal is in the LA user group in the community, so I wanted to post it here too.

Please join us for our user group meeting on Oct. 11.




5 Steps to Becoming a Marketing Technology Master

The Marketing Technology landscape has exploded – Chief Martech reports over 5,000 potential software and platforms that businesses can choose from to build their “technology stack”. More and more marketers are being put in charge of identifying, evaluating and orchestrating multiple disparate systems. How can marketing professionals with little time, and often no training, ensure a cohesive and effective program that delivers results?

Join our upcoming LA MUG meeting in Santa Monica to hear from three experts as they share their real world experience of architecting and optimizing a powerful martech stack.

Learn how to:

  • Pick and choose the right marketing technology for your business
  • Strategically integrate other platforms with Marketo
  • Implement a “5 Step Framework” to successfully launch a new software or tool
  • Review your existing martech stack and optimize for better results

Make sure you fill out your RSVP here: Click Here

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Re: If you are in Southern California - join us on Oct. 11