How are you organizing your email programs?

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How are you organizing your email programs?

I'd like to organize my email programs in the most effective way and was curious what other people have done. The route I'm currently considering is simply creating one "Email" folder that is home to all the email program (blast) campaigns with date prefixes so that I can quickly scan through all the one-off sends without having to know the content and finding the appropriate folder. I know I can use the filter on marketing activities, but this just seems cleaner.

Anything being sent via smart campaigns would still reside within their individual programs, I'm strictly speaking for the email blast-type programs.

Does anyone have suggestions on best practices and why my proposed method would or wouldn't work?
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Re: How are you organizing your email programs?

I have my primary structure... Operational, Sales, Marketing, Product. Within each primary folder I keep a sub folder structure that is make up of Workflows, Single Sends, plus any other folders that make sense. Under the workflows I keep programs ogranized by team or product. With the Single send asubfolder I keep individual programs which are categorized by the type of send it is.. webinar, guide, whitepaper, etc. Hope that helps!