Hidden field - Cookie Value

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Hidden field - Cookie Value

Hi Community,


If we want to use the "Cookie Value" functionality for hidden fields on our forms, is there additional code that we need to apply in order for it to work? If so, can someone share what that code is?


I built a form using cookie value hidden fields, tested it, and all of our fields are empty. 


I sifted through a bunch of threads and I couldn't find one that clearly answered this. 




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Re: Hidden field - Cookie Value

No other code is necessary to read values from cookies - that's what the feature does!

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Re: Hidden field - Cookie Value

Are you creating your own cookies? Do the cookies you're trying to use exist? Are you sure you're after the cookie value functionality?


If by "additional code" you're actually asking "do we have to write code to store our own cookies?" - then, of course, yes you do.