Help with Nurture Stream Candace

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Help with Nurture Stream Candace


I am having trouble setting up a drip nurture stream campaign. We want to advance leads based on engagement. If a lead clicks on an email then we want them to receive an email, the very next day. If they don't click on an email, we want them to receive an email the following week. When setting up the cadence, it only allows me to set a weekly or monthly schedule. Is there a way to sending emails daily? This is what we want the streams to look like. Any help or tips would be much appreciated, thank you!



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Yes, you have to select the weekly option and then you actually select every day of the week, this is essentially "Daily". You may only want to select Mon - Fri though.

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Let's be clear though - if you use Engagements to run this, you will need a smart campaign to listen for NON CLICKS and pause the Lead for 7 days. You can also push the Lead to a slower Stream instead.

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Re: Help with Nurture Stream Candace

Pushing the leads to a stream with a less frequent stream cadence if they don't engage with email 1 is what I use when forced to build "traffic light" type nurtures like you're describing.

I'd advise reconsidering the logic here though. You're essentially changing the course of someone's entire nurture path based on the response to a single email. What if that person had something else to do that day? Or just missed the email? It's not that they are truly unengaged necessarily after just a single attempt at engaging them. If you send someone 3 emails over the course of 3 weeks however and they respond to none of them, you could say they're less engaged and move to a slower cadence.