Has anyone used Stripo.email?

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Has anyone used Stripo.email?

It's a struggle for our email developers to create email templates in Marketo. It takes way too long to build something new! I was wondering if anyone has used Stripo.email, or something similar, to help quickly create new layouts and then add in Marketo module code.

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Re: Has anyone used Stripo.email?

I've used knak. | Responsive Marketo & Eloqua Email and Landing Page Templates  before creating a newsletter in a couple of hours from scratch without html coding. The design would have taken a full week or more to create and qa. Also Pierce Ujjainwalla and his company have the best customer support around.

Etumos also has assets available. I found their landing page Responsive Marketo Landing Page Templates V2 and know they also have email templates too, which you can configure pretty much into any design using the modules. Might just reach out to them and see.