Group by option On Reporting


Group by option On Reporting

Hi I can See Group by Segment Option on email performance .,

where can we use the Group by option? on all other reports by default it is in disable mode. please let us know where to use and how it enable.

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Re: Group by option On Reprtting

Please move the question to Products​. This place is for discussing the Champs program (the incentive program) not support.


Re: Group by option On Reporting


The group by functionality is only enabled for person-level reports (ex. people performance, group by revenue stage, group by status). You cannot choose to "enable" it for other non-person-level reports.

In the "Setup" tab of other reports, you can still use "Group by Segmentations", by clicking and dragging that over onto the center canvas. A pop-up will appear and you can choose which segmentations to group the report by.

If you're interested in a report that cannot be grouped by default, then you can just use the smart list of the report and bring in the segmentation as a filter and create this report for each segment.

More info: Group Person Reports by Segment - Marketo Docs - Product Docs