Google adwords and Marketo Integration

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Google adwords and Marketo Integration

Has anyone done the integration of Google ad-words with Marketo?
I'm aware that it is a push integration which would provide re-portable data in GA. Does anyone has any idea on what custom columns should be created in GA to capture the data from Marketo?

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Re: Google adwords and Marketo Integration

I have just used retargeting lists in RTP using RTP segments.

So I have a segment of people that have visited a particular page on my site. I then go to the retargeting tab and create a new segmented audience. I then send the audience to Google Analytics where I create a new audience definition. See this page for set up - Personalized Remarketing in Google - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

I then use the audience I set up in Google Analytics as an remarketing audience in Adwords.

Not sure if that helps but that's what I have done so far with it.