Google AdWords Integration Questions?

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Google AdWords Integration Questions?

We have setup our Marketo to push Revenue Model Stage to Google AdWords as a Conversion Name.

According to the attached PDF it works like:

1. Prospects click on Google search ads and their details (incl. Google’s unique “Gclid” identifier) are captured by Marketo landing pages and forms

2. Marketo tracks each person as they move through your marketing and sales funnel (this includes conversion to a sales opportunity or customer via integration with your CRM system)

3. In Marketo, you can configure integration to your AdWords account and map each buyer stage to an AdWords offline conversion column

4. Marketo automatically sends the stage conversion data into AdWords, which has preconfigured support for offline conversions

5. Now you can view offline conversions as columns in AdWords

6. In AdWords, preset rules can optimize keyword bids for the best performing ads based on an offline conversion stage

Which is pretty clear but we have some questions in order to grasp the full picture.

According to the log file the following fields are being uploaded:

- Google Click Id >> ID giving by AdWords to the user and recorded in Marketo

- Conversion Name >> Name of the Revenue Model Stage in Marketo

- Conversion Time (CST) >> Time the person changed from one Revenue Model Stage to another

- Upload Status >> Indicated if the upload to AdWords was successful

- AdWords Account >> Every conversion is upload to each defined AdWords account to see if there is a match.

- Upload Time (CST) >> Time the upload was executed


Is our interpretation of the fields above correct?


When the log returns: OfflineConversionError.EXPIRED_CLICK it means that the conversion will not be uploaded because it was more than 90 days ago that a person was 'tagged' with the GCLID. E.g.:

1 january 2017 some converted via AdWords and gets status LEAD. 15 April 2017 some gets another Revenue Cycle Stage (MQL) and this change gets send to AdWords. The log will return OfflineConversionError.EXPIRED_CLICK.

What will happen to the Conversion? Will it stay on LEAD or will it be removed from AdWords?


In what time period do we see the conversion in AdWords? In the period when GCLID was recorded or when the Revenue Cycle Model Stage changes?


When we look at conversion is AdWords and Google Analytics we see different numbers in comparison to the offline conversions in AdWords. What could be the causes of a different count?


What would be the cause that no conversions are showing in AdWords although the logs are indicating success?

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