Form - one question at time & conditionally?

Form - one question at time & conditionally?

I'm exploring different options, and wondering if maybe I can do this easily in Marketo.

We want to put a form on our website with multiple choices, and only show one question at a time. There would be two paths, based on the first couple questions: If they chose A, then cycle through questions 1 - 3. If they chose B, give questions 4 - 6. This can be done with conditionals in Marketo. But, it doesn't seem to have an option to hide the previous question or have the submit button not show until they've gotten through all the questions.

I'm wondering if there's any good straightforward way to show just each question at a time, as they work through the form: A choice is made, then they click to the next question (probably better than just automatically showing the next. Then, when the user gets to the end, there are a couple final questions and the submit button.

Doable? Or should I find another way to do this? I'm suspecting a bunch of javascript is needed.


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Yes, it is possible. I call this the FaaT (Field-at-a-Time) method and there's a demo here: MktoForms2 :: Field-at-a-Time (FaaT) v1.0.1

This is going to be the centerpiece of a Products blog post soon, if you can just hold on for that.

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Not sure on my end when I would need to use something like this, but this is awesome.

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You always have the option to build your own front end form which passes the final answers to a hidden Marketo form and submits

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Hi Charles,

Marketo does not provide hide previous question/next question functionality. However, this functionality can be implemented with the Javascript. You can add one more button (Next Question) using the "RichText Field" on the Marketo form and add javascript to hide previous and show the next question until there is a question in the Form. At the last question "Next Question" button will be hidden and the "Submit" button will appear for the Form Submission.

The complete example can be found here.

Best Regards,

Avtar Singh

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You need to constrain your selectors to the current form element only, or this code will break when there is another form on the page. Now you're rooting your search at the document level.