First and Multi Touch Attribution

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First and Multi Touch Attribution


I am working on Program Opportunity Analysis report in RCE and noticed First and Multi Touch Attributions. Based on the articles provided in community I understand that the FT attribution is for acquisition of a lead and MT is attributed after the lead is acquired till an opportunity is created.

I would like to know what is FT opportunit won, revenue won etc.. when FT is an attribution only for acquisition"?

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Re: First and Multi Touch Attribution

Hi Swetha,
Have a look at this article and see if that clarifies:
I pasted here a couple of paragraphs: 
Acquisition-related measures are labeled FT, for first-touch attribution. Acquisition-related measures give credit to the program through which a lead’s contact information – especially the all-important email address – are first obtained
Success-related measures are labeled MT, for . Success-related measures give credit to all the programs which contribute to a lead’s progress toward a purchase. Using multi-touch attribution reflects the cumulative nature of sales success. A lead does have to achieve success in a program for success credit to be awarded.

This other article is a lot longer but it goes into specifics on how it works.