Facebook lead ad form's field integration

Facebook lead ad form's field integration


I'm using Facebook Lead Ad with Marketo and so far everything is working fine. However, I need to add custom questions to the form and map them to a field in Marketo. In the launchpoint service configuration, when I try to map a "Facebook" field with a "Marketo" field, I only see available certain fields in the Facebook drop down menu (see below).


Do you know how can I get a field added to that dropdown? Is it configured somewhere in the Facebook page?

In addition, I also want to include an "opt-in/opt-out" checkbox in the Facebook form and have the preference selected sent to the "Unsubscribe" field in Marketo. However, i haven't been able to pass that value to any field in Marketo. I'm starting to believe that the issue might be to the fact that is a boolean field, but is just a "hunch".


Have any of you been able to successfully send the value of a "consent" radio button to a field in Marketo?

Very much appreciated!

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Re: Facebook lead ad form's field integration

Hi Juan,

I don't have an answer for you on the Unsubscribe function, however for your first question, you need to first create a form with custom fields in Facebook. Once your form is published on Facebook, you will see the custom field(s) in the dropdown menu in Marketo.

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Re: Facebook lead ad form's field integration

Thanks Jason!

I've tried that already and I still can't see any new fields other than the ones have Facebook by default like for instance:

Annual Mileage

Need Help

What are you looking for

What is the problem

Select Services

Time to Purchase

Time to Join

Size of Budget

Health Insurance Coverage Status

Do you know if I need to do anything after the form is created to bring that field into the dropdown menu where you select the facebook field you want to map?

Juan Carlos

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Re: Facebook lead ad form's field integration

I had the same issue and had to put in a ticket with Marketo. They did say that multiple customers were experiencing the same issue. I had to completely delete the FB integration from Launchpoint services and re-install it. Now, the fields are showing up.

Re: Facebook lead ad form's field integration

Thanks Aida,

I am able to see the fields from Facebook. However we still can't see the consent checkboxes so we can handle the opt-in/opt-out preference. Are you able to map a consent checkbox to a field in Marketo? By looking at the payload on the Facebook for developers tool it seems that the consent checkbox data is sent in a different section outside of the form's fields. I'm wondering if Marketo only pulls the data coming on the form field's section.

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Re: Facebook lead ad form's field integration

I have not tried mapping the consent checkbox data. Your account manager should be able to help escalate a case for this with support.

Re: Facebook lead ad form's field integration

After a lot of back and forth with Marketo support, I am able to see the value of the consent checkbox now in Marketo.

The only challenge is that the only way to map that value is through the label of the checkbox. Instead of using an ID, the value of the checkbox is sent using the label assigned to it.

Apparently Facebook is sending the data in this way and they will have to apply a fix to allow the use of an ID to send this value.

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Re: Facebook lead ad form's field integration

Hello Juan Carlos,

Can you please elaborate on the solution you found?

We have the same problem, Consent field is not being passed to Marketo

Where do you see the label?

Wich type of field are you using in Marketo to store this data?

Thank you

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Re: Facebook lead ad form's field integration

Thanks Juan for the info! To elaborate, when you are editing your Facebook Lead Ad Form, go to Settings, and then Field IDs. Scroll down to where you see "Consent 1". Whatever you have as the label for Consent 1 will be the queryable value that you can add/map in Marketo. For example, my "Consent 1" field ID is "yes". In the Marketo / Lead Ad Integration field mapping, "yes" is what I mapped to a TempField in order to opt people in/out. You would think that "Consent 1" would be the queryable field in the Field Mapping, but no, it is the label (in my case, the word "yes"). Hope this helps! 

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