Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter fields not found?

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Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter fields not found?

According to http://developers.marketo.com/rest-api/lead-database/fields/list-of-standard-fields/ the fields facebookProfileURL, linkedInProfileURL and twitterId should be available to use via API, without requiring to create them as custom fields.

However, I am getting the following errors when attempting to create/update a lead in our development sandbox:

>>> from marketorestpython.client import MarketoClient

>>> marketo_client = MarketoClient(

...     munchkin_id="<account id>",

...     client_id="<client_id>",

...     client_secret="<client_secret>"

... )

>>> lead_info = {"firstName":"first", "lastName":"last", "email": "firstlast@example.com", "facebookProfileURL":"http://fb.com", "linkedInProfileURL":"http://li.com", "twitterId":"some_id"}

>>> marketo_client.create_update_leads([lead_info])

[{u'status': u'skipped', u'reasons': [{u'message': u"Field 'facebookProfileURL' not found", u'code': u'1006'}, {u'message': u"Field 'twitterId' not found", u'code': u'1006'}, {u'message': u"Field 'linkedInProfileURL' not found", u'code

': u'1006'}]}]

The calls succeed, if I they don't include those three fields. Would appreciate any pointers to discover what's going on here. Thanks!

Marketo Employee

Re: Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter fields not found?

Hello Alex,

To tell what fields are available in an instance, call the Describe endpoint.

If these fields are not present, it may be that your partner sandbox is not provisioned with Social application.  You can determine this by going to Marketing Activities, selecting any program, right-click, New Local Asset, and inspecting the dialog.  If missing Social Button, YouTube Video, etc., then the instance does not have Social application.