Email campaigns

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Email campaigns

Hi, I'm trying to understand how to set up an email campaign that:
1. I'm able to schedule the gaps between each email sent
2. I can remove a lead from that campaign if his SFDC status changed or an activity was logged in SFDC

Is that possible? If yes, how do I set it up?



Re: Email campaigns

Hi Michal,

If the days at which each email needs to be sent are always the same days in weeks (for instance, each email should get out on Mondays at 10 AM, or every other Monday at 3PM) use an engagement program.

If the gaps are fixed in durations but the days might be different for each addressee, or if you need diverse gaps between each email, then you will have to use a regular smart campaign in a default program.

In any case, as soon as you need to send more than one email in a flow, do not use email programs.