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Email Preference Center

Rather than having only one option to unsubscribe from all emails, I would like our Email Preference center to show what the specific user clicking on the unsub link is signed up for. I already have custom fields corresponding to each mailing category (store, newsletter, etc.) that show true/false. I just want them to autopopulate to checkboxes on the Email Preference page based on the user. 

Once they have reached the form, the customer should be able to select/deselect their preferences or simply check a box to unsubscribe from everything. 

From the outside, this is a pretty standard Email Preference Center I've seen used by a lot of companies, big and small. However it doesn't look like Marketo's Forms 2.0 makes this a simple process. Does anyone have any tips/advice for implementing this? 
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Re: Email Preference Center

Josh Hill's guide here goes over the basics: