Email Forwarding breaking links

Email Forwarding breaking links


We are currently having an issue where, when we send out an email, and someone forwards the forward of that email, the links break and point to our home page since it's the fall back.

So for example,

We send out the email to our database. The prospect who is in our database, receives the email, and decides to forward to his colleagues. One of those colleagues then decides that he wants to subscribe to our Newsletter, and emails us (which then makes the email forwarded for the third time) to be subscribed. When we received this email at the end of the chain, we went down and clicked in the newsletter and found that none of the links were pointing where they should.

Does anyone have any insight on how to approach the issue happening here? Please let me know if you need more detail, and any thoughts towards the problem are greatly appreciated!

Thank you.

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Re: Email Forwarding breaking links

We'll need more detail: exactly what the source link was as received and the final link after forwarding.

You can include the surrounding HTML as well (as that likely was related to the breakage). Be sure to highlight the HTML as XML using the Advanced Editor's syntax highlighter:

In general, you can't expect mail clients to not break links or even remove them completely as emails get passed around -- HTML <body> tags simply cannot be kept exactly as-is and wrapped in other HTML <body>s.