Email Contact w/ Opportunity Update

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Email Contact w/ Opportunity Update

I am currently trying to work out a triggered email send for when an "Opportunity" is updated (i.e. Date Shipped) to send an email to my "Contact" (i.e. Your Order Has Been Shipped!"). I would like the trigger to be as follows:

Opportunity is Updated

SF field "Date Shipped"

Previous Value: "Empty"

New Value: "Not Empty"

and have that trigger an email send to the "Contacts" email address. However, I am struggling to figure out how the campaign can pull the "Contact" email based off a chance to the opportunity.


Contact = Jon Doe

Opportunity = Jane Day (Belongs to Jon Doe)

Jane Day "Date Shipped" goes from "Empty" to "Not Empty" --> Jon Doe receives email "Jane Day's order has been shipped!"

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Re: Email Contact w/ Opportunity Update

Which ever contact record is attached to the opportunity will get pulled into the workflow.

Create a smart list with "has opportunity filter" and your date shipped = today. You'll see a bulk of records who have opportunities with a ship date of today, these are the ones that would have been pulled into our workflow based on the Opportunity Updated trigger.