Dynamic Content for Upcoming Events

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Dynamic Content for Upcoming Events

Is there any way to set up an email that automatically updates a section of content to your next upcoming Event, such as a webinar? Essentially, dynamic content not based on list segmentation, but rather based on the date. Or, is there a token available via a webinar platform integration that could be used instead? I'm wondering primarily for a welcome email that goes to new leads as they are added to our database, so they have the most up-to-date engagement offering.


Re: Dynamic Content for Upcoming Events

Hi Shannon,

I do not believe there is any default functionality where an event integration platform can update the email in Marketo. You may need to leverage Marketo REST API calls to create an email in Marketo using information from the event platform. This would vary depending on the type of platform used as well.

Most event platforms would have the functionality to send the welcome email from within the event platform which could be an option, and then you would just add them into the respective engagement campaigns in Marketo.

Also recommendation is to build a Marketo Program (Event Type) for each event you are running as you definitely do not want to be mixing your reporting/success for each event/webinar. You could utilize {{my.tokens}} to populate information into the email and for every event you would just need to update the {{my.tokens}} ->potentially look at creating an Event program template?

Hope this helps!


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Re: Dynamic Content for Upcoming Events

None of the supported event/webinar integrations have this feature.

However, this type of dynamic content in response to an event feed can be readily done with an RSS integration using Digesto or FeedOtter; an event annoucement can be treated like any other RSS item.