Dynamic API call to pull content

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Dynamic API call to pull content

I have a 3rd party SQL database that contains Case Studies and other similar content.
My database has REST API and I'd like to dynamically pull content from it into a landing page.
The content pulled should match attributes from SFDC Opportunity and Contact and Account.  
Thus I need to pull those attributes from Marketo, query the SQL database and return results to the Landing page.

I am new to Marketo and would like to know if this is possible? If so, where do you recommend that I start?


PS - I found under similar questions "https://community.marketo.com/MarketoDiscussionDetail?id=90650000000PEUfAAO which seems like there might be a possiblity with advanced coding.
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Re: Dynamic API call to pull content

It should be possible, but I doubt you could do this on a Marketo-hosted landing page, due to the need of server-side coding.

You should start by looking at the Marketo cookie and pulling down a unique identifier for the visitor on the landing page. I haven't looked at this myself, but the cookie probably has their email or Marketo ID that you can pull out. Use that to query them via the Marketo API and pull whatever data you need to then use against your content DB.

Here's the Marketo API page: http://developers.marketo.com/documentation/soap/